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Self defence has change in the UK and our SLDF program should be viewed as personal protection similar to first aid training. As with military,police and special services personal, I teach the general public advanced street survival fighting methods quickly.


Advanced self defence can save your life.

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Hugh Howitt

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Dear Prince, I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for an excellent self-defence lesson. I found you to be an outstanding teacher. You demonstrated some very effective techniques and had great communication skills to relay the information to me in a very clear and concise manner. You were extremely professional in all aspects of the lesson. The warm-ups and excercises before and after the lesson were ideal preparation for physical conditioning. As a student of martial arts, I found the skills you taught were innovative, enlightening and practical. At all points, I found your observations to be very incisive and positive regarding feedback. The attention to detail was first-class. You took the time to help me reflect and adapt my skills so that I would be better prepared for any real-life situation. Due to your professionalism and contagious enthusiasm, in a brief space of time I found myself able to apply the techniques taught to me. I intend to continually develop the skills you demonstrated and become a better martial artist from the experience of learning from you. I have no hesitation in stating what you taught would have the practical benefit of being very effective as a form of self-defence. I look forward to the opportunity of taking more classes with you again in the future.

Rev Dr Ash Barker PHD

Founding Director,Newbigin School for Urban Leadership Newbiginhouse

Prince Green is an inspiration.He empowered me to see what I need to do to become healthy again.His sessions In Personal Training and Self Defence were fun, informative, transforming.He started with what I had, built with what I needed.I couldn't recommend Prince more highly to get you fighting fit:-


Crowd Management Operational Executive

I approached Prince Green after suffering lower back pain and tight hamstrings.He gave me a fully body deep tissue sports massage. I had instant relief from pain i was also completely relaxed.I was surprised I didn't feel like I had been run over by a truck,like you get with some sports massages.His knowledge of muscles and joints was amazing. I Highly recommended him and can't wait to book in again.